About Us

The firm of Richard P. Fox and Max Gest, a Professional Law Corporation, was established in 1971. Mr. Gest has represented a great many claimants from around the country in regards to personal injury claims and in regards to federal workers’ compensation claims with OWCP. He has represented hundreds of claimants in their appeals to the Branch of Hearings and Review and to the Employees’ Compensation Appeals Board (ECAB).

At Fox and Gest, we treat our clients with the respect and dignity which they deserve. We are happy to answer all questions prior to being retained by a claimant. In addition, Mr. Gest automatically provides his clients with copies of all correspondence generated by his office in connection with their claims. In this manner, the clients always know the status of their claims. The only exception to this rule is that it is the policy of Mr. Gest not to provide clients with reports of treating or evaluating psychiatrists or psychologists.

In the case of A.G., 47 ECAB 588 (1996), it was stated by the judges at the ECAB as follows:

The Office also noted that the firm of Fox and Gest had handled about 2,000 cases with the Office and that they were well-qualified and experienced.

The 2,000 cases referred to include cases in which the claimant was represented by Mr. Gest and his former partner, Richard P. Fox. Mr. Fox passed away in 1991.

Our Martindale-Hubbell rating: AV

Martindale-Hubbell is the premiere rating system for attorneys across the country. The ratings provided by Martindale-Hubbell concerning attorneys are based upon surveys of attorneys and judges. The AV rating is, according to Martindale-Hubbell, “a reflection of having achieved the highest levels of professional skill and integrity.” For over 10 years, Max Gest has earned an AV rating in the Martindale-Hubbell Law Directory for his capabilities and devotion to professional ethics.

Fee Structure:

OWCP rules and regulations require attorneys to submit applications for approval of their fees concerning work performed on federal workers’ compensation claims. The Claims Examiners at OWCP are provided with broad discretion in regards to reviewing and approving fee requests.

Most recently, in FECA Circular No. 09-03, OWCP stated as follows:

Contingency fee arrangements are not permitted.

The attorney must provide an itemized statement and an hourly rate for all services performed for a client. All of this information must be contained in the fee request. Therefore, fees are based on an hourly rate which varies according to the difficulty of the claim, the complexity of the issues presented and the benefits obtained for the claimant. This means that the client pays the attorney for the work performed.

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