Shirley A. Green, United States Postal Service

The law firm of attorney Max Gest is, in my opinion, an excellent firm for handling all your federal workers’ compensation needs. Mr. Gest and his staff of skilled workers are very knowledgeable, professional and, above all, courteous. They have the patience to work on your behalf to get you the best results. I am forever thankful for the job they’ve done for me. I highly recommend the firm to anyone who needs help in obtaining all the benefits to which a federal civilian worker injured on the job is entitled under the Federal Employees’ Compensation Act.

James H. Henry, United States Postal Service

Max Gest helped me every step of the way through my battle to obtain the benefits to which I am entitled under the Federal Employees’ Compensation Act. I always had the feeling that my rights were important to him. He never wavered at the challenges presented by my case.

When I first met him, my claim had been denied by OWCP. Mr. Gest got my claim accepted through a hearing with a Hearing Representative at the Branch of Hearings and Review. As a result, for many years I have received disability compensation benefits from OWCP. Whenever problems arose with OWCP, Mr. Gest was tireless in his work on my behalf. I would have been lost without his assistance.

Not only was my claim accepted, but with Mr. Gest’s help I obtained two substantial schedule awards for permanent impairments to my legs. These are providing me and my family with financial security for many years to come.

Leslie A. Harrison, United States Postal Service

In one of my greatest times of need, I retained Max Gest to represent me concerning my federal workers’ compensation claim. I had suffered a nervous breakdown as a result of my treatment by personnel at the United States Postal Service. I was distraught and disabled and I needed an attorney who was knowledgeable in regards to federal workers’ compensation claims.

I was very fortunate to have selected Max Gest to act as my attorney in connection with my claim. Mr. Gest was extremely knowledgeable. He was also extremely supportive of me. He and his office staff, especially Kirstin, were absolutely incredible. They were very responsive. If I called the office, I was able to speak to Mr. Gest the same day or at the latest the next day. Mr. Gest provided me with copies of all correspondence generated by his office in connection with my claim. He was always more than willing to explain the status of my claim and the proceedings, and he provided me with responses to any and all questions which I posed to him. In addition, he provided me with emotional support throughout the handling of my claim.

My claim was initially denied by the Claims Examiners at OWCP. Mr. Gest requested an oral hearing with a Hearing Representative at the Branch of Hearings and Review as the method of appealing that decision. Mr. Gest arranged for a 3-hour hearing, which is very unusual. He represented me at the hearing and did a magnificent job of presenting the evidence in a very logical and convincing fashion. We won the appeal, and my claim was accepted by OWCP. I was authorized to treat with physicians who are being paid by OWCP. I was also provided with retroactive and current disability compensation benefits.

At one of the lowest points of my life, I was fortunate enough to obtain representation from Mr. Gest. This changed my life for the better. I cannot thank Mr. Gest and Kirstin enough for all that they have done for me. Even when I spoke to Mr. Gest years after my file was closed in his office, he was kind and responsive to me. Based upon having Mr. Gest represent me for several years, I can state with absolute certainty that Mr. Gest has the highest ethics and is extremely knowledgeable and responsive. I would strongly recommend Mr. Gest to anyone with a federal workers’ compensation claim.

Juan Herrera, United States Postal Service

After 21 years of service to the United States Postal Service, I developed several medical complications that only continued to worsen as I continued to perform my duties with the USPS. Ultimately I submitted a claim to OWCP. Unfortunately, the claim was denied. I felt completely alone and uncertain how to proceed.

I searched for a workers’ compensation attorney who handles federal cases, and it was my great fortune to find myself sitting in Mr. Max Gest’s office. In my first meeting with Mr. Gest, I found myself for the first time feeling like I had someone on my side, someone who understood the position I was in. He was reassuring, patient, professional and most of all extremely knowledgeable. He provided me with expert guidance and continued assistance through my workers’ compensation appeals process.

Almost 4 years after I began down this very stressful, lengthy, complicated path, Mr. Gest was able to win my appeal and secure the approval of my claim. Having had to deal with so many other aspects of this lengthy process, I knew that Mr. Gest had my best interests at heart. Without his professional representation, I know I could not have prevailed in the workers’ compensation appeals process.

Richard W. Caster, United States Postal Service

When I became injured in the workplace, I had no idea how to proceed. I submitted forms and waited for OWCP to respond. They kept asking for more and more and it seemed forever to finally get a decision, which was a denial. Months went by without any income or making any headway. I had met Mr. Gest along the way and thought there was no need for a high-powered representative. Then I proceeded to use an attorney who wound up admitting he did not have the expertise needed to work within the federal system. My wife and I then moved on to a so-called knowledgeable federal representative who took us down the merry path of no gain for several months. We came to realize there is only one man, Mr. Gest, with the expertise needed to resolve the botched mess we had going on with OWCP.

My injury was in 1999. When we finally came back to Mr. Gest sometime later, he said it would be difficult but he felt that he could reconstruct my claim. He said he does not take on claims unless he feels confident about winning.

In 2012 I received two large checks from OWCP, along with the start of monthly benefits. In addition, in 2013 Mr. Gest secured a schedule award for me. What words can describe Mr. Gest, never giving up on my claim and after that many years making a reality out of his words. We faced many hardships through those years, but we will always be grateful to Mr. Gest for not giving up!

A prominent doctor described Mr. Gest this way: “When the game is on the line and you have Sandy Koufax in the dugout, that is who you call on to save the game.” Mr. Gest, we will always be grateful for what you accomplished, you simply are the best! God bless you.

Julie W., Department of Veterans Affairs

As a Registered Nurse, I dealt with various patients, some of whom were uncooperative and some of whom were downright combative. I suffered serious and permanent injuries as a result of an incident with a combative patient. These serious injuries meant that I had to change my job. It was a real shock when my claim was denied by OWCP.

It was clear to me that I required professional legal assistance. I interviewed several attorneys and found only one who was aware of the details that are specific to a federal workers’ compensation claim. Max Gest was the attorney I found who has a complete and thorough knowledge of the federal system and extensive experience in representing federal claimants.

Mr. Gest was honest and realistic during our initial meeting. After I retained him, he and his office staff were in very frequent contact with me and I always felt I could contact them and receive answers at any time. I know that without the assistance and expertise of Mr. Gest, I would have had great difficulty navigating the Department of Labor system. I know that my successful outcome was due to the expertise and diligent work of Mr. Gest. I am sincerely grateful and have a deep respect for Mr. Gest and his constant efforts on my behalf.

Gracie E. Davis, Ph.D., Research Physicist, Department of Defense, Defense Threat Reduction Agency

Throughout the time Max Gest represented me, he repeatedly demonstrated skillful knowledge, effectively applying his extraordinary skills to all aspects of my case. His ability to clearly focus on complex issues, organize limited materials, and find solutions to difficult problems was unequaled. Most noteworthy is the fact that I could use him to solve problems across my four accidents, a bad back surgery, a resulting surgical infection and a fallacious medical report. Mr. Gest went into the federal workers’ compensation environments where people held disparate agendas defending parochial solutions, and he led the way toward the best possible consensus solutions for my cases.

This type of performance is possible because Mr. Gest is respected for being technically astute and because he is the embodiment of informed and mature leadership. Mr. Gest is superb at assessing the political factors bearing on a situation, adroitly presenting the essential technical and economic details, and fielding partisan distracters in such a manner that support for his position is a foregone conclusion.

In short, Mr. Gest was able to take my case in total and break down the case to each individual aspect of the law. He secured a win for me on each and every aspect. No other lawyer, in my opinion, would have been able to accomplish this Herculean feat. I heartily recommend Mr. Max Gest to anyone who needs representation in regards to OWCP claims.

Robert S. Wagner, Special Agent, United States Secret Service – Retired

After many years of strenuous duty with the United States Secret Service, which included protection duties related to several Presidents and many other political luminaries, I developed medical complications, which were seriously aggravated by the conditions of the performance of my duties. Consequently, I submitted a claim to OWCP.  Unfortunately, the claim was denied.

After the initial claim was denied, I felt helpless and lost, and was unsure of how to proceed. It was my great good fortune to have been referred to attorney Max Gest. During my first meeting with Mr. Gest, I found him to be honest, direct, and forthright. Mr. Gest provided me with the expert guidance and assistance I needed to proceed with a complicated, yet ultimately more than successful, appeal to OWCP.

Mr. Gest is one of the few, and longest, practitioners of federal workers’ compensation law on the West Coast. His experience and knowledge proved to be invaluable. His depth of knowledge of the law and his familiarity with OWCP, combined with his prompt, pertinent responses and overall professionalism, gave me the faith and courage to pursue my claim despite a number of difficulties. Not only did we win the initial claim appeal and secure my claim, but we also prevailed at every one of a series of additional appeals, which substantially increased the amount of the schedule awards I received.

Simply put, I could not have prevailed or had the same amount of success without Mr. Gest’s professional representation.

Irvin J. Smith, United States Postal Service

I met Mr. Gest about 2½ years into my OWCP case. My claim had been denied time and time again. I look back now and wish I had found Mr. Gest so much earlier. Without Mr. Gest’s help, I would NOT now have any benefits from the Post Office, NO retirement, NO pension plan, NO unemployment, NO medical, and this after 34 years of service. I know in my heart, and my wife agrees, that without Mr. Gest and his outstanding legal representation, I would not have anything but huge medical bills.

Mr. Gest represented me on two appeals to the Branch of Hearings and Review. At each of my hearings, the court reporters who were present told me that I had the BEST lawyer they had seen in OWCP cases. Just knowing that the employees of OWCP thought that Mr. Gest was the best made me feel that maybe OWCP would listen just a little more when Mr. Gest spoke. Mr. Gest has excellent communications with OWCP, not just at the local levels, but all the way to Washington, D.C.

Another example of Mr. Gest’s outstanding representation was when I went to doctors’ visits. Doctors had no idea what was needed as far as paperwork for OWCP. Mr. Gest kept the doctors informed about my situation at all times. Doctors would comment that Mr. Gest was very specific about reports. Mr. Gest wanted the doctors’ reports to be correct and informative, with no questions left unanswered.

The main reason to have Mr. Gest represent you in your case is, MR. GEST WINS HIS CASES.

Don’t try to go up against OWCP without the best legal advisor you can get, and that is Mr. Gest. I thought my case was simple and it turned into a long fight. Please start with someone who can guide you in the right direction to begin with. It will make it so much easier.

Letekidan Woldu, Department of Veterans Affairs

Thank you for everything that you have done for me and my family. You are a very honest, practical, respectful and kind human being. Even though the VA has made it very difficult for me in regards to my claim, your hard work has ensured that my rights have been protected and that I have been provided with all benefits to which I am entitled. At a time when honesty and integrity have just become words in the dictionary, I was truly fortunate to meet a lawyer such as you.

Steve Francisco, Department of Defense, and Elaine Francisco

Your legal expertise and willingness to represent Steve in his federal workers’ compensation case changed our lives. Steve’s case had been denied and our appeal had also been denied when we finally contacted you for help. We truly felt we were destined for medical bills and stress for life. You were not only able to get Steve’s medical care covered for our future but the settlement for past expenses allowed us to pay off our debt and keep our home – which would have been the next to go to pay for medical bills. You helped us during a very tragic time in our lives with straightforward compassion and confidence. We are forever grateful!

Bill Taylor, Bureau of Reclamation

I cannot say enough about the help that was given to me by Attorney Max Gest. After I became totally disabled as a result of an injury on the job, my claims with the Office of Workers’ Compensation Programs (OWCP) were denied. Unable to work, I was on the edge of total financial disaster. The luckiest day of my life was when I found Attorney Max Gest. I was totally lost trying to deal with OWCP’s system and Claims Examiners. I believe many injured workers find themselves in the same position as I did. I know that one of my co-workers who was injured in the same accident in which I suffered serious injuries decided not to hire an attorney and did not obtain representation. He has suffered through three operations for the injuries which he had in that accident. He has not received any compensation from OWCP. He now lives in total poverty because he also cannot work. Attorney Max Gest saved my life. Mr. Gest knows how to present cases in the best possible manner and knows how to get OWCP claims accepted. Before I hired him, I was lost and simply did not know what to do. I strongly suggest that anyone who has a federal workers’ compensation claim contact Mr. Gest for his expert assistance.

Marnell R. Davis, Department of Veterans Affairs

I am employed by the Department of Veterans Affairs. I was a whistleblower. As a result of having been a whistleblower, I was subjected to harassment, retaliation, intimidation and demotion. I was finally able to obtain acceptance of my claim as a result of an EEO action.

Despite all this, I was able to return to work at the employing agency and worked there for quite some time. Subsequently, I was subjected to stressors at the employing agency which caused me to develop an additional condition, as a result of which I became totally disabled from my employment at the Department of Veterans Affairs. I was represented in this matter by Max Gest. Mr. Gest fully believed in me and my claim. He represented me in regards to a very complicated claim with OWCP which required persistence and intimate knowledge of OWCP rules and regulations. He was successful in obtaining acceptance of my claim. Mr. Gest prepared and provided excellent correspondence on my behalf which demonstrated his knowledge of the rules and regulations governing federal workers’ compensation claims. In addition, when my funds were very low, Mr. Gest continued his efforts on my behalf. Not only does Mr. Gest have great expertise in regards to federal workers’ compensation claims, he also cares about his clients and works very hard to assure that his clients are provided with all benefits to which they are entitled.

Dr. Cheryl Revkin

I cannot more highly recommend Max Gest as an attorney. I have worked with Max for over 20 years and I have always felt 100% confident of his work. Max is a diligent and experienced professional, ready and willing to do whatever work a case might require to make it solid.

Max knows every detail of the law. A case may seem complex to me, but Max is able to sort it out, move to substantiate the details in short order, and then finally present a clear picture of the issues at hand. The details of a case are consistently at the tip of his tongue. He is a good communicator, willing to give his time with a quick return call and clear up any questions. This all makes for a remarkable track record.

I have been in practice myself for over 30 years and have yet to encounter another lawyer like Max Gest. He loves his work and the people he serves. Both his clients and practitioners like me feel his commitment and compassion from the beginning to the end of each case. This is unusual in these times and very much appreciated. Working with him brings rewards and a very complete sense of success. The settlements he reaches are like those of no other lawyer I’ve yet to encounter. Neither the client nor the practitioner leaves unsatisfied. “Miracle Worker” is an appropriate description! Max Gest is incisive and smart, much deserving of his excellent reputation in his field.

H. Reed Metzger, M.D., J.D., Los Angeles, California

For many years, Mr. Gest and I provided services to patients in regards to personal injury matters and federal workers’ compensation claims. There were many hundreds of patients whom I saw who were represented by Mr. Gest over a number of years. In addition to evaluating the patients and providing my reports, I also had many discussion with Mr. Gest concerning the claims. I was also, of course, kept informed of the status of the claims by Mr. Gest and by the patients.

Throughout those many years, Mr. Gest always exhibited the highest moral and ethical qualities. I found that he provided excellent service to my patients. This was as a result of his thorough knowledge of the fields of law, as well as his hard work to assure that my patients received all benefits to which they were entitled.

I was also impressed by Mr. Gest’s thoroughness of preparation and persistence, especially after initial denial of federal workers’ compensation claims. I found that in the vast majority of federal workers’ compensation claims, even when they were initially denied, Mr. Gest was able to obtain benefits for my patients through the appeals process.

In addition, Mr. Gest exhibited compassion and empathy for my patients, most of whom without his assistance would not, in my opinion, have been able to obtain a successful outcome in regards to their claims. I commend Mr. Gest for his unswerving dedication to my patients and his unflagging efforts on their behalf.

F. Kharabi, M.D., Department of Veterans Affairs

I requested Mr. Gest on two occasions to represent me in dealing with OWCP, Dept. of Labor. The first occasion was a complex issue in dealing with OWCP which I was not able to resolve myself. Mr. Gest was able to get the issue successfully resolved. On the second occasion, Mr. Gest assisted me in applying for a schedule award for body parts. Again Mr. Gest was successful in obtaining a very good award for me. Throughout my contact with Mr. Gest I have been very impressed in the way he represented me. Mr. Gest was thorough and professional in representing me. He handled all my correspondence with OWCP and followed up with them through every step of the way. In addition, he was always available to discuss with me the status of my case. His fees were fair and worth the compensation that I received from OWCP.

I would highly recommend Mr. Gest as an attorney to represent a person having problems with OWCP. He knows his work well and is very effective in getting the job done so that you obtain your fair benefits from OWCP. He was very competent and sincere in his representation of me. He was a comfortable person to discuss my case with and I do believe that he provided me with excellent legal services.

Margaret M. Ferrante, M.D., Department of Veterans Affairs

I am an anesthesiologist. I worked for the Department of Veterans Affairs for a number of years. As a result of the unbelievable harassment from which I suffered, I developed a serious emotional condition. I filed a stress claim with the Office of Workers’ Compensation Programs (OWCP). The rules, regulations and procedures for OWCP are extremely confusing. This is especially true when you are suffering severe emotional difficulties. Attorney Max Gest, who specializes in federal workers’ compensation claims for civilian employees of the federal government, came to my rescue and stood beside me the whole way. It took a couple of years of work before Mr. Gest succeeded in obtaining all of the benefits to which I was and am entitled.

At the time that he represented me in connection with my claim, attorney Gest was thorough and professional. He followed up telephone conversations with a letter. He sent many letters to my place of employment, the West Los Angeles Veterans Administration Medical Center. Over the course of more than two years, attorney Gest provided various kinds of support. Attorney Gest provided me with wise counsel and emotional support, and most of all, he simply believed in me.

Very often, I was upset and angry at the Department of Veterans Affairs. I frequently felt that the Department of Veterans Affairs and the Claims Examiners at OWCP had pushed me aside or forgotten about my claim. Passive-aggressive behavior on the part of my place of employment led to so much confusion that I was relieved and emotionally encouraged to have attorney Max Gest as my representative.

Based upon my experience with Mr. Gest over a period of approximately two years, I can advise any claimant that they need to look no further in the state of California than to Mr. Gest. I only found Mr. Gest years ago by calling the Los Angeles County Bar Association. They referred me to Mr. Gest. Little did I know that my first phone call to Mr. Gest’s office would change my life forever for the better.

I have known Mr. Gest for approximately 6 or 7 years. He continues to have a professional interest to assure that I continue to receive all of the benefits to which I am entitled. He touches base with me periodically, long after my claim has been resolved and long after he completed all work on my claim.

I would encourage any federal civilian employee who suffers an illness or injury as a result of their performance of duties to contact Mr. Gest for assistance. Mr. Gest does not take claims that are not legitimate claims. Mr. Gest displays honesty and loyalty to the claimant and a confidence based upon long years of experience. Attorney Gest is one of the best people you will ever have the pleasure of meeting.

If you do hire Mr. Gest to represent you concerning your OWCP claim, you will be grateful to have attorney Gest on your side. His intimate knowledge of federal workers’ compensation rules and regulations and his years of professional experience will be evident not only to you, but to your employer as well. He is very well known by the claims staff at the district offices of OWCP. You can have every confidence that attorney Gest will provide you with the best representation possible. As an added bonus, he has a great office staff that will also provide you with answers to many questions and is always there to assist.

As someone who suffered a very serious emotional illness, I can wholeheartedly say that having attorney Gest in my corner was invaluable. I can recommend Mr. Gest to anyone who requires representation in this field of law. Whether or not you contact attorney Gest, I wish anyone who has suffered illness or injury as a result of performance of their federal civilian duties the very best of luck and success.

Thank you, attorney Max Gest, for helping me when I needed it most. I sincerely hope you can do the same for others in my position.

The testimonials provided above are the opinions of the authors. They do not represent a guarantee of results for any other clients of our office. We are grateful for the authors’ kind words.  

Many of the individuals who provided the above statements are no longer with the federal agencies for which they previously worked. 

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